Ask yourself and consider which of these items are with you and not meet your expectations:

Positive emotions – When you feel any of the positive emotions (happiness, gratitude, closeness, trust, calmness, respect, inspiration) or long periods.
Commitment – When you have a clear focus, when you lose your time and give your best, and when you feel that you have reached a higher level, the periods of time you are dedicated to your work.
Relations – The quality of our relationships with other people is closely related to the quality of our lives. The strength of our social support is essential for the development of our capacity to cope with the challenges of life. Links are often the main source of quality of life, especially many other aspects of positive emotions.
Meaning – this is how our efforts are so large and everything in life is linked to some geliş higher goals ”and contributes significantly to our self-confidence and the willingness to continue our efforts. The opposite is the feeling of wasting time on nonsense things, meaningless things that have nothing to do with any şey higher goals Bun.
Achievements – The sense of success is closely related to how much time we can achieve with our dream and defined life assignments. But it also includes the positive emotions that we have when we solve something that is much less important (sudoku, puzzles, the level of some games Ama).