A decline is a situation that includes a number of feelings and feelings that make a strong sense of attraction to another person. When you see a person and feel the shot. Not just physically. Where can you go with the charge?

Even if you start dating this person, you can stay in an infusion. In this case, you create a beautiful relationship that will not turn into something else. You can also go to something simple e nothing. In this case, anger passes and you stop loving that person. In other cases, on the contrary, it may be a fixation or love.

There are 21 love and infatuation signs that will help you discover the difference.

LOVE: A deep study of character traits, common values ​​and common interests.
INTERACTION: Usually based on meaningless adjectives, eg. How a person walks or how he laughs.

LOVE: In addition to the physical ones, other characteristics are observed.
INTERACTION: It depends mostly on physical attraction – the excitement you feel when you touch someone else.

LOVE: It initiates personal development, self-esteem, ambition and desire to improve.
INTERACTION: It usually has a devastating effect on a human and forgets the reality of life.

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LOVE: It takes time to develop and mature.
INTERACTION: If you are not sexually active, it is usually stopped suddenly. If you are in a sexual relationship, this is not a reliable sign.

LOVE: Recognizes values, but less perfect.
INTERACTION: You generally idealize the other person and don’t want to accept that there is any shortage in your character.