And to succeed in life, do not always do the same thing over and over again, you must start to change, renew, without losing its essence. But how can you be sure you’re getting better every day?

If you set specific goals in life for yourself and start working on their achievements, you are assumed to automatically improve the quality of your life.

However, every long-term goal comes with a number of problems: which choice should be made, which decision will be made, which direction to go and how much effort you will spend. When you see what the quality of your life is and what the gaps are, you can focus on the opportunities that you need to come up with with improvements.

Accept the others as they are.

Accepting is to stop fighting with things that bothers you. It is to understand that this person does not need to act like you or to express yourself. Or her values ​​and rules don’t have to be yours. Or it doesn’t have to change for you to change.

You may think you have the right to be disturbed by someone’s behavior, but that’s just because you believe something should be done just as you do. And no, it’s not.

So, decide how you want to be and how YOU want to feel when you are.