This is a very common question, ım How do I know if I am in love? “, But there is no definitive answer. What a man sees as love is nothing but the attractiveness of another person. Some people quickly and often fall in love, others never feel true love, only a lust that turns into something bigger.

It can be very confusing because you know what to expect from someone. Even when someone says m I love you Bir, you don’t know exactly what these words mean. That’s why there’s so much confusion in his head: What is love? Why do we fall in love with one person, not another? How does the heart choose a partner? Why does love end?

One of the most fascinating feelings of love is lust. Lust is very strong and a very strong physical attraction. Sensuality is not to have a sexual nature, the need for meeting sexual needs and attention and attention. But people often mix with love. Why? What do you have to do with love, so many people confuse them so often? If lust is only a matter of sex, how can a sex-free relationship endure on lust? Lust is a matter of physical charm and is based on it regardless of whether it has happened, but true love also contains lust, and so often I get confused.